Municipal Court

The City of Rice Municipal Court provides citizens with a fair and impartial court of law by interpreting and adjudicating applicable state laws and city ordinances. 

Our pledge is to uphold this commitment and offer courteous customer service to all citizens.

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Details regarding Court Proceeding for May 5th, 2023 are as follows:

You must have a webcam/built-in cameral with sound and video on your device to appear by eDocket.  You must install the ZOOM APP on your device, AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT, before the video conference begins if you do not already have an account with ZOOM.

  Virtual Courtrooms are the same as Actual Courtrooms.

All of the same rules and procedures apply.

May 5, 2023 Meeting ID: 812 0702 1127

  • Friday August 4, 2023
  • Time:      
    •  Pre-Trial Docket 1- 10:00 am
    • Pre-Trial Docket 2- 11:00 am

Please adhere to following Rules of Court Conduct and Decorum:

Failure to follow these guidelines will prompt the Court Bailiff to remove the Defendant from the courtroom until compliance is achieved.

  • Proper clothing strictly enforced. Innapropriate attire will not be permitted. Dress code is the same as if you were appearing in-person in the courthouse/courtroom.
  • Avoid background noise. Ensure your environment is conductive to attend virtually.
  • Avoid distractions. Turn off and put away any and all distractions so your full attention is given to the proceedings.  DO NOT DRIVE, SMOKE, CHEW GUM, OR EAT while attending eDockets.  Avoid excessive movement (i.e. stay seated/stationary) while attending eDockets.
  • Do NOT record these proceedings.
  • Proper respect for the Court process shall be adhered to at all times. 

No Video Device? Or Having Audio Issues? Instructions for Connecting by Phone:

If you are already in the Zoom eDocket and experiencing audio issues, please call 1-346-248-7799, follow prompts, and enter the Meeting ID # listed above as instructed by Court Personnel.

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